The Fabulous Shaker Boys

The Fabulous Shaker Boys are rocking it; with the 15th anniversary of stirring up the cocktail scene coming up and 

Kluun – DJ

Five years ago a man by the name of Pantera and a writer called Kluun filled dark nights with conversations …



The Amsterdam Dance Event is right around the corner and we’re counting the days here at Treat. Come say hello …

Velvet Vox


In a world of instant gratification, The Velvet Vox is the antidote for yearning souls of today’s free spirits …

Manifeest 2016


On the 24th of September, a group of global citizens intersected and connected to draw attention to global peace. The …

ZinQ Media


For the 15th anniversary of ZinQ Media, Treat Amsterdam was asked to create an awe-inspiring freaky fantasy field trip in …