Posted on juni 24th, 2017

citizenM is not your typical hotel; they have looked at all aspects of the traditional hotel business and made some radical changes. They wanted to create a hotel where they themselves would feel at home and focus on a new definition of luxury they call ‘Smart Luxury’. Where traditional luxury is found mainly in wealth, smart luxury is all the things that actually make your life better!

Treat was asked to develop an opening concept that would reflect the true spirit of citizenM and can be used for a series of hotel openings around the globe.

And that’s exactly what we did; taking one of the most important features of the hotel – The Bed – as our conceptual starting point we created the ultimate Slumber Party. In the series of openings each event will be titled ‘Midnight in ….’ and for every edition we will be ‘In bed with …’ another famous artist from the region. Midnight in Gare de Lyon will be in bed with Guy Bourdin!