Festivals and the art of storytelling.

Posted on juli 24th, 2018

Going to an event is much more than just listening to music. The adventure, the encounters, the surprises, drinking, going out with your friends, the anticipation, dancing, a little swinging in the chandeliers and having fun are all just as important. Unlike a concert, the line-up of a festival is more a litmus test to determine whether the organization understands which vibe they are looking for, the reason why they buy a ticket or not buy for a festival or go to a party. So why do they buy?

Concepts, brand values, being creative, strategy, range, statistics, a nice logo, creating value, identity, we can go on for a while … but what is it about? Or, when will it affect you? When are you really touched?

Not in your head, but in your heart?

Storytelling, it is the holy grail of contemporary entertainment & marketing, politics, art, sports, education, charity and even medicine. Everyone is looking for a powerful, positive story that stimulates.

Real emotion is the guiding principle here: real interest in your guests is turned into real understanding of what they want, expect and need (from you) An in-depth understanding of the motives, values and expectations of the guests translates into a good understanding of the emotional triggers in connecting with that audience while we exceed their expectations.

I make the audience part of your story. By experiencing it, being a part of it, we create memories together.

Let’s take them by the hand. Marcel Pantera

“I do not throw parties, I design dreams and make memories.”