Treat Hospitality.

Posted on oktober 3rd, 2016

In creating the right atmosphere for your audience Treat stresses the importance of qualitatively fitting hospitality, which in turn adds to the engagement of your guests.

We know the bar to be the vibrant heart of any experience and in our quest for quality and the desire to safeguard all facets of our projects Treat has acquired a share in The Fabulous Shaker Boys; a remarkable cocktail agency that has been the industry leader for over 14 years.

With its rich history, The Fabulous Shaker Boys is solely responsible for introducing and innovating the cocktail industry in the Netherlands while venturing out internationally and extending its services with a consultancy and secondment division.

The company regularly crosses borders and can be found at over 400 events each year. The Fabulous Shaker Boys have been hospitality tastemakers at many of Treat’s adventures in the past, and we look forward to many more memorable projects in the future.