Concept for ID&T in Thailand.

Posted on juli 17th, 2018

Treat was asked by ID&T International to develop a Concept-driven festival that would reflect the true spirit of the Thai soul. A one of a kind festival with an Asian regional hub feel and an international approach. Working closely together on this case is a must, knowing the experience ID&T has.


·  An idealistic festival for at least 20.000 guests

·  A more feminine-oriented event. But everyone is welcome

·  30% of bangkok women are single

·  79% of all tinder users are millennials

·  1,5 mln. average thai app users

Story: As skin-hungry creatures, we long for intimacy, yet don’t really know how to be intimate.

Considering its geographic location and accompanying culture, in regard to spiritual development and enlightenment, Thailand is a fitting opportunity for a transformational festival with a central message of love. Rather than serving as a mere theme party, the celebration of love, could have the potential to truly fire up an entire country.

We therefore need our message of love to be more than the party theme, we need it to be idealistic.

Concept is approved and currently in production, opting for its launch in 2019, Thailand

Marcel Pantera, “Designing dreams and making memories”

ID&T International is one of the world leaders when it comes to millennials and their entertainment. Their overall festival experience is what continues to keeps them at the forefront of the electronic music world. The party business is highly competitive and the people working for ID&T International all live by the ‘work hard, play hard’ motto. They’ve seen it all and enjoy life to the max so it’s pretty difficult to surprise these festival driven specialists with anything. Unless you are Treat of course! Treat was approached to come up with the concept, analyses and storyline, working closely together with ID&T.