Marcel made his mark in the entertainment industry as the driving force behind Pantera Productions, the company that provided his nickname. Together with his former partner Miranda Bruinzeel, he co-founded this organization. Originally based in Ibiza, Mallorca, and The Hague Pantera Productions made a significant move to Amsterdam in 1994. During the ’90s, the world-renowned Pantera Dancers, famously known as “The Million $ Babes,” traveled across the globe. Their groundbreaking shows, parties, and events in Miami, Istanbul, Milan, Athens, and Cannes catapulted Pantera Productions to international fame within the entertainment industry.

Pantera Productions thrived until 1998, at which point Marcel embarked on a new venture as the art director at ID&T. In this influential role, he bestowed distinct identities and brand values upon different ID&T brands, including notable events like Mysteryland and Innercity. Marcel led the creative team that conceived the revolutionary concept of Sensation, a globally acclaimed phenomenon.

Following his departure from ID&T in 2001, Marcel continued to pioneer and develop innovative concepts, further cementing his reputation as a visionary in the field.

As a skilled mood and art director, Marcel has forged collaborations with renowned brands such as Vodafone, Schweppes, Unilever, Bacardi, Diesel, Moët & Chandon, and the Edison Pop Awards (often referred to as the Dutch Grammy’s), among others. Among his notable achievements is the creation of the esteemed nu jazz festival, Maison Royale. Marcel’s approach to entertaining guests is far from conventional, constantly seeking fresh and engaging experiences. Not sticking to old tricks, a notable example is Nightwriters, an high end club night that combines flavor and enjoyment, showcasing “stand-up writers” in collaboration with bestselling author Kluun. These talented authors skillfully employ their storytelling prowess to deliver unforgettable evenings that ignite the imagination. Ready to Write & Roll, as Marcel crafts captivating experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Around 2010, Marcel, together with his business partner Sophie Ouds, established Treat. Treat developed, produced and created cutting-edge, sensual, and unforgettable entertainment concepts and experiences (both online and offline).

With these concepts, Treat met the growing demand for high-quality entertainment where music, atmosphere, setting, form, and guests play pivotal roles in achieving success. Treat has played a significant role in the launch of various establishments under the Entourage Group, including notable venues such as MoMo restaurant, The Duchess, and the W Hotel. Additionally, Treat has been instrumental in organizing their anniversary celebrations, solidifying their reputation for creating remarkable and unforgettable moments.

When it comes to creating the right atmosphere, Marcel emphasizes the importance of qualitatively fitting hospitality. In his pursuit of quality and the subsequent desire to safeguard all aspects of Treat’s projects, he acquired a share in The Fabulous Shaker Boys, an extraordinary cocktail agency that has been a leader and innovator in the industry for over 14 years. The company regularly goes beyond boundaries and can be found at over 400 events each year. The Fabulous Shaker Boys have been hospitality tastemakers in many of Treat’s adventures.

After Sophie left the company, Marcel realized that he’s more of an enterprising than an entrepreneur. This revelation led him to revitalize Treat into what it is today: an agency specializing in concepts, strategy, show and mood management. Marcel has since taken on the role of guiding and directing artists, brands, and events, including prestigious awards ceremonies like the Edison Pop, Jazz & Classical Awards, often referred to as the Dutch Grammy’s. As a testament to his expertise, Marcel has been providing guidance and strategic support to the Edison Foundation for over a decade and continues to successfully do so.

Recently, Marcel has taken on a new venture as a partner in a company called TEAM. It is an event makers agency that he co-founded alongside Eric Keijer and Clayton Fredrik during the challenging period of the Coronavirus pandemic. Later, they were joined by Paul Brouwer, further strengthening the team. TEAM specializes in deploying experienced event makers worldwide, offering their expertise to support brands and events in executing successful projects and productions. Through their collaborative efforts, TEAM ensures the seamless implementation and delivery of a wide range of event-related endeavors.

Marcel Pantera by RVDA

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