Dance Valley 2014.

Posted on augustus 19th, 2014

A year of hard work paid off: the 20th edition of Dance Valley was a great success! 40.000 people partied like their life depended on it. And we would like to thank everybody that worked their asses of to make this edition of Dance Valley as impressive as it was! For the twentieth edition we went all out: a bigger and more impressive mainstage than ever, over a hundred artists, flowers from the sky, a perfect WiFi  connection in every corner of the Valley, a mystery guest act of 20 off the founding fathers of Dance Valley and house music, more LED then ever before and so, so much more…we wouldn’t change a thing if we could do it again (except maybe a little more sun)

We are proud of everybody that worked so hard to make this event happen and we are especially proud of UDC!

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