Jan 2022 | AFAS and Edison

AFAS and Edison, united in their anticipation of the years ahead. AFAS Software and the venerable Edison Foundation have embarked on alliance. Behold! The software realm, crowned as the preeminent patron, reigns over the grand festivities of AFAS Edison Pop and AFAS Edison Classical and Jazz. Furthermore, the newly minted AFAS Theater Leusden, which sprang forth into existence only a year ago, shall serve as the hallowed grounds. Witness how AFAS endeavors to champion culture, music being its resplendent muse.

Anne de Jong, the helmsman of the Edison Foundation, didst proclaim : “We find ourselves exultant at the joining of AFAS as the prime sponsor of our gatherings. AFAS, an impassioned family enterprise with a devotion to innovation and societal stewardship, yet equally adroit in creative cogitations and nurturing a reverence for culture. Truly, this sweet symphony resonates with the souls of the Edisons.”