Oct 2022 | AFASEdison Jazz & Klassiek

The start of our thinking of where those souls of jazz and classical music enthusiasts, those seekers of depth and substance could unite, is in their shared interests. We too embrace the power of interdisciplinary gatherings, where musicians, artists, and even curious scientists with a musical inclination convene. 

Our goal with this concept is to curate an extraordinary experience for the attendees of the Edison Jazz & Classical ceremony, a gathering that exudes quality and meaning. With this new evening, we set out to transcend old norms and embark on a journey towards new values.

Our mission entails the harmonious fusion of two distinct musical realms, urging us to challenge the very fabric of orchestral structure and the perception of our audience. Brace yourselves for “standards in the mix” and a mix of standards—a beautiful medley of tradition and innovation. 

Rest assured, the reverence and prestige that infuse this music with its unique cachet shall remain steadfast.