The Fabulous Shaker Boys

The Fabulous Shaker Boys is a household name in Amsterdam. They were the very first to start with professional cocktail catering back in 2002 and are still the perfect partner for your business- or leisure cocktail cravings. Over the years their experience in the cocktail branch has grown tremendously and annually they are represented on over 400 events.

Their core values are quality, service, creativity combined with originality and bar etiquette. The combination of their stylish bars, the professionality of their bartenders and their cocktails ensures that the cocktail bar provides for an extra dimension on each event.

Treat has been a great fan of the Shaker Boys ever since their journey started and is now very excited and proud to announce that we will be joining forces. To help them start up a killer communication- and marketing plan we will be providing strategic guidance along the way to help redefine their deserved fabulous position.