HEINEKEN 2009/2012

Treat has a versatile cooperation with Kingcanary and Braveheart, this resulted in different projects for amongst others Heineken.

Relaunch www.Heineken.nl: Heineken’s Dutch website had a massive makeover, to celebrate this moment Heineken wanted to have a massive relaunch party. Former church, nowadays concert hall Paradiso was the place where the rollercoaster started. In cooperation with Braveheart productions, Treat’s hedonism for acts, art and theatre resulted in a 2D live webpage on stage where the viewers had to buckle up their seatbelts for a ride through the new website. DJ Sander Kleinenberg and other musicians were speeding up the evening and didn’t break for a moment.

‘House of the legends’: For the 140th anniversary of worldwide beer brand Heineken and the introduction of the Starbottle, Treat organised the ‘The party anthology’, an interactive time travelling concept that took all the international marketing managers, trough five totally different decades, in one place…