Manifeest Bed-In

It was the year 1969, at the heart of Amsterdam, the Hilton hotel, suite 702. What was supposed to be the honeymoon of two newlyweds turned into 6 iconic days in history devoted to peace around the globe. John Lennon and Yoko Ono initiated the most memorable manifestation for peace during a six-day bed-in, where they would create poetry, art and music. 47 years later the message once sent from this bed in Amsterdam is still as relevant as ever. On the 24th of September, in celebration of the opening of Manifeest, we will drop a massive bed at the Leidse square. Rockstar or Saint, friend or foe, man, woman or undisclosed, everyone is invited to get as many people as possible in between our sheets. Will you go to bed with us?

Join us for the biggest bed-in during our manifestation for peace!

  • Take a picture with you (and your friends, parents, pets, Pokémon) in bed
  • Post your picture on social media and the event page using the hashtags #manifeest2016 and #manifeestbedin in order to receive an invitation to share the bed together on the 24th of September!
  • Additionally, if your picture stands out, you will have a spot on the guestlist of the Manifeest party at the Stadsschouwburg and receive an official invitation for the “share the bed with me” opening.