March 2024 | AFAS Edisons pop

In March 2024, the atmosphere crackled with the echoes of music and the collective thrill of an unforgettable event: AFASEdisons Pop.

The aftermovie encapsulates the very essence of the occasion, allowing us to relive its magic time and again. It stands as a testament to the potency of Dutch music and a reflection of the times. Behind the scenes, our collaboration with the esteemed allies from Kingcanary was seamless. Their boundless creativity permeated every aspect of the event, propelling it to new heights and leaving an indelible impression. Our partners’ invaluable contributions were instrumental in elevating the experience from good to truly grand. Their unwavering support and dedication ensured an event that transcended mere entertainment.

We eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the Edisons journey, knowing that together, we will continue to weave magic in Dutch Music.