Due to our fetishism for literature Treat once in a while feels the need to share their joys and needs with a bigger audience. Nightwriters is on of the highlight concepts where Treat in cooperation with Raymond van de Klundert  (a.k.a. Kluun) and publisher Podium create a minimized gap between literary national and international authors and their readers, with a large key factor of entertainment. Writers take the stand to read from their books and the audience has the space to give their reply. Themes throughout the evening are: improvising, humour, art, music, sex, drugs and books!

“One who doesn’t want to read should listen.”

One of the highlights is the performance of no man less than Bret Easton Ellis who conquered the world in 1986 when he was only twenty years old with his debut ‘Less then Zero’. After he continued to manifest his status as ‘original American genius’ with the controversial and international highly acclaimed ‘American Psycho’ and the equally brilliant ‘Glamourama’, 25 years after his debut he wanted to be a part of Nightwriters and salute the Dutch audience by launching his latest book ‘Imperial Bedrooms’ for the Netherlands.