Edison Pop 2020

Edison Pop 2020 has been an incredible succes! Treat was approached by the organisation 7 years ago to review the allure, show, status and relevance and improve it where necessary.

We have now just finished the 7th edition. A special edition, namely the 60th anniversary! With a secret surprise, an after party that faded away the memories of the legendary Bel Air after parties of the NSJ in The Hague.

Yet an other successful collaborations with our dear friends from Kingcanary has made this a truly memorable night. Together we have once again received the Edison Award on the radar of artists as an honourable and desirable award, making the oldest music award ceremony in the Netherlands the most popular ticket in town again, and reinforcing the general relevance of the brand.

Be sure to check out the after movie to get a taste of the atmosphere and browse through the photo’s.

To create a concept that not only reaches the target group, but also puts it into action, we look for the tangible values ​​and the true identity of an artist, brand or event in the concept phase. We are convinced that the true value of a brand cannot be limited to the figures of a traditional market research, because they live in the hearts and minds of people. We get entertained. Hence, the basis of our concepts are always based on real emotions.