Re-opening Lloyd hotel restaurant

Intimate conversations

Treat joined forces with PR agency ‘Het PR Bureau’ to develop the re-opening of the Lloyd hotel restaurant, in which the DNA of the owner, a festival organizer by heart, comes into its own. The Lloyd hotel is known for its cultural twist in the hotel industry, where like minded people can meet. The restaurant had a makeover with beautiful modern Art deco interior and people needed to know…

The event is inspired by Dutch tv programme ‘Zomergasten’. Interviews take place by showing films, stories, fragments or performances by the choice of the guest. A variety of topics will be discussed in an informal setting. This way the viewer is invited to get a better actual and personal understanding of the person being interviewed, by listening and seeing.

All this results in an intimate evening with intimate conversations, where acknowledged people fro the music industry are interviewed and films, stories, fragments or performances of their choice will be showed and discussed during dinner. This edition well known writer Kluun interviewed Eric van Eerdenburg, director of music festival Lowlands. Lowlands is the annual three days music and performing arts festival, which already exists for almost 30 years and has proven its consistent succes.